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Who is the person you most admire in your professional life?

We often feel identified with a figure or referent of our own sector and we want to know their experience and rely on their knowledge to achieve success.

Following this point, we ask ourselves: How can we grow professionally? Mentoring is a great tool for developing talent. At Novartis we believe in the potential of people, and in the link between knowledge and learning through experience. That is why we promote mentoring initiatives that provide the actors of the neuroscience ecosystem with all the necessary resources so that they can develop their research potential, not only regarding knowledge but also in terms of funding.

How do we promote Mentoring?

  • Developing the entrepreneurial potential of people. Our purpose is to support and facilitate the implementation of entrepreneurial ideas and help to look for funding.
  • Making strategic plans that allow the identification of the most appropriate public and private aid programs for the actors of the neuroscience ecosystem in Spain (company, foundation, hospital...).
  • Forming and supporting the preparation of proposals that facilitate the search for funds for research. For these projects, Novartis will offer support and preparation of the proposals aimed at the selection process of grants and subsidies, support to entities to optimise available resources; and personalised mentoring programs for the professional development of talented young people.


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