Could you tell us right now what the ideal temperature of your home is?

Do you know that it is already possible to know what you need to buy without opening the fridge? Thanks to new technologies, such as wearables, we can access information that we previously did not know by ourselves. We live surrounded by technology, from when we get up until we go to sleep, and the fact is that healthcare and medicine are advancing by leaps and bounds.

At Novartis we firmly believe that medicine, innovation and technology join forces. The company's entering Barcelona Tech City as Global Partner to promote the creation and development of innovative solutions in the healthcare sector will allow us to establish a physical space for the actors of the healthcare system.

The space, called NeuroHouse, is presented as the physical and virtual headquarters of Reimagine Neuroscience and will provide healthcare professionals with spaces for creation, dialogue and collaborative work that will allow progress and improvement in dealing with and caring for people with neurodegenerative diseases.

Without a doubt, we have reached the age of the digitalisation of health.


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