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Have you ever considered stopping studying or learning?

As the philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau once said: “Youth is the time to study wisdom; old age is the time to practice it.” Learning provides us with education, growth and experience throughout life.

As in any branch of medicine, training is conceived as a fundamental pillar to continue advancing in research and in improving care for people. Likewise, the sector and the introduction of new technologies favour the rapid evolution of the sector, which is why it is necessary for the health professionals involved in the approach of neurodegenerative pathologies to be constantly updated with knowledge and information.

With Academy, in Novartis we promote 360º and high added value training programs aimed at health professionals, especially those programs that do not only consider the approach to the pathology as such. These sessions are aimed at improving the quality of people and the level of coordination in the care of each of them.

We promote this initiative from new training programs or from existing programs, either from the company itself or from other entities and institutions, which align with the main objective of Reimagine. This is a commitment that reinforces the contribution of Novartis to the continuous training and quality of professionals in the healthcare sector.


Neurotalks sesión 1

NeuroTalks: De la materia a la interpretación

Se trata de la primera de una serie de sesiones divulgativas enmarcadas dentro del programa NeuroTalks, y contará con la presencia de dos ponentes de gran prestigio: el Dr. Rojas Marcos, exdirector de los Servicios Psiquiátricos de Nueva York y Profesor de Psiquiatría de la Universidad de Nueva York, y el Dr. Jordi Rumià, Neurocirujano funcional del Hospital Clìnic y Sant Joan de Déu.


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