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How long has it been since you did something for the first time?

Discover, imagine and innovate, three concepts that guide the society of the 21st century. Innovation is part of Novartis’ DNA and neurology is the DNA of humanity. Spain could, without a doubt, become the world leader in innovation in neurology, and that not only involves R&D but the technological revolution of the sector as well.

The empowerment of the patient in recent years has changed the paradigm of medicine, and the introduction of technology in the sector promotes this reality. The entry of new technologies and start-ups in the health ecosystem allows us to accelerate the modernisation process of the sector and to obtain great benefits for patients, putting them in the spotlight, improving their access to treatments and giving them greater decision-making power about their illness.

With our Innovation programs we want to promote and foster the most innovative ideas and start-ups to solve the main challenges of the neurosciences area, not only the current ones, but also those of the future.

How do we promote innovation in neurosciences?

  • Identifying, recruiting and developing innovative ideas that respond to the needs not covered by the sector. Novartis or other entities will support the implementation of some the identified ideas.
  • Launching challenges related to the neuroscience area on a regular basis. With calls addressed to the entire health ecosystem, possible ideas or solutions will be sought to respond to the challenge posed by Novartis.
  • Professionalising companies, start-ups and other initiatives that accelerate and improve diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases using digital tools. In this way we will provide the companies and initiatives selected with support and patronage, as well as resources to accelerate their time to market.

Our mission? As very well explained by Orlando Vergara, director of the neuroscience area of Novartis: “Pharmaceutical innovation helps us to live precious moments in our lives and to enjoy the people we love, so guaranteeing their access is vital.



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